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Gimme a Break!

Date: 23 May 2019
Category: Homophones, Spelling

We recently purchased a serving cart for our screened-in porch as an extra table and staging are to place food and drinks in order to better serve our guests. The rattan unit, complete with casters, storage area, and a metal cooler for wine, beer and soft drinks, was imported from China. The assembly directions were illustrated primarily, with just a few paragraphs printed in English, but not necessarily the King’s English.

One of the features of the high quality cart is that it can be wheeled on casters, two of which the directions say come with a break (sic). (Granted, I can’t read or speak a word of Mandarin, but then, again, all I need to know is what’s on the Chinese restaurant menu so I can order by pointing to my selection.)

Not only does that misnomer have a negative connotation of something being broken, the misspelling of the word brake furthermore points out the need in the business world for professionalism in understanding and using correct grammar and spelling .

Bottom line: at least now we’re able to better serve our guests any and all meals on our porch and patio, including breakfast.



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