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Veteran European Driver

Date: 05 May 2019
Category: Homophones, Miscellaneous

When I resided in Germany during the time I was an Air Force vet, I accrued extensive European auto travel there and in France, Austria and Luxembourg.

In more recent years, after several trips accumulating thousands of kilometers of driving experience along the Italian peninsula,  I wrote a travel memoir—Pit Stops, Pitfalls & Olive Pits—about what it’s like to drive through scenic Italy.

On one of our vacations we drove with our dear friends, Joe and Jean, and had an amazing time maneuvering the Amalfi Coast, visiting my wife’s relatives as well as mine, and enjoying the delectable flavors of the old country.

One day in Rome, Joe, a veterinarian, learned that the Italian word for a vet, is the similar-sounding: veterinario.

By the way, over the course of our road trip with Joe and Jean from Rome to Pompeii, and all around Sicily, we put about 1,500 kilometers on our cherry red Alfa Romeo four-door sedan. While the car rode well, we can only imagine what the experience might have been like if we had rented an Italian sports car such as a Ferrari, Lamborghini, or Maserati.

For that matter, even an American car such as a Vette.

By the way, did you know that an Italian company actually manufactures a corvette? That is, the type of corvette that travels on water, nonetheless:  traditionally, it’s the smallest class of vessel considered to be a properly rated as a warship.

The manufacturer—Fincantieri S.p.A., based in Trieste, Italy—happens to be the largest shipbuilder in Europe, and the fourth largest in the world.

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