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Sandwiches That Can’t(on) Be Beat

Date: 10 April 2019
Category: Entertainment, Homophones, Miscellaneous

Canton, Georgia, founded in 1832, serves as the county seat for Cherokee County. Canton also serves up the best sandwiches this side of the Appalachian Trail at the R & M Hoagie Shop on West Main Street, an institution for nearly 50 years. It’s just about a five-minute walk from the bustling county courthouse where they mete out justice daily to the R & M shop where the DeLuca family and their crew mete out 5-star meat sandwiches.

Whenever our golf group plays in the Canton area, we always make it a point to meet at R & M for their super, Boar’s Head brand meat sandwiches, whether they be Reuben, Gyro, Italian, Steak, Turkey, Pastrami, Prosciutto, or Ham, as well as for other deli delights, such as tuna salad, veggies, soups, etc. The sizes are humungous, the prices, reasonably bite-sized, and easy to swallow. No wonder the tiny, narrow storefront, sandwiched between other competing establishments, invariably has an order line practically going out the front door.

Unfortunately, the Cantonese citizens and visitors to this city of 27,936 in northwest Georgia can’t believe that they are on the verge of losing a slice of Americana, as the son and daughter of the founders want to retire and turn over the business to another party.

Can’t wait to meet the new owners to see if they can live up to the DeLucas’ high standards and reputation. If not, losing R & M Sandwich Shop could very likely take a bite out of Canton’s local economy.


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