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Professor Teaches “Baby-Sitting 101”

Date: 10 March 2019
Category: Homophones, Miscellaneous

Students at Morehouse College in Atlanta thought they were attending a special algebra class to review content for an upcoming mid-term exam. Little did they realize that the professor, Nathan Alexander, would teach them a valuable life lesson simultaneously.

Because one of his students, Wayne Hayer, was unable to get a baby-sitter for his five-month old daughter, Assata, and because of the importance of that particular class session, he had to bring the infant with him to school. It turned out that Mrs. Hayer needed to pick up their daughter’s birth certificate that day and Hayer didn’t want her to have the hassle of carrying the baby on public transportation by herself.

Professor Alexander had previously mentioned that Hayer could bring the baby to class, so he took him up on his offer, but didn’t expect that he (Alexander) would hold her for the entire lecture and even stay after class to answer students’ questions. The courtesy extended by the prof not only helped to lessen his overall stress of the review class, Hayer’s hands were then freed up to take copious notes.


P.S. Who knows, since Hayer majors in kinesiology (the study of the principles of mechanics and anatomy in relation to human movement), perhaps having the professor present a lesson, write formulas on the board, answer questions–all while carrying the baby around the classroom at the same time–could add a new dimension to that particular field of study. 


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