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Christmas Carell (at the movies)

Date: 22 December 2018
Category: Grammar

Schools and colleges have ended their semesters. The students have vacated the study carrels of their libraries and are homeward-bound, because “there’s no place like home for the holidays,” as that eponymous carol verse explains. Incidentally, have you noticed how variations of the old-fashioned library carrel have now found a repurpose as a work station  for students at home taking on-line courses in front of a computer, or for telecommuters?

Once they’ve arrived home, after church and all of the carols are sung, after all of the presents are exchanged, and after all of the festive gatherings and dinners, many students and their families will head to the movie theaters next week to see the latest special releases.

With a name that sounds like a traditional Christmas song, it seems quite appropriate that actor Steve Carell should be featured in–not one–but two new movies debuting right around the holidays. In “Welcome to Marwen,” he portrays a World War II fighter pilot who suffered memory loss and reimagines a world of his own as a tool for psychological healing. In the movie “ViceCarell stars as Donald Rumsfeld in a movie about former Vice-President, Dick Cheney.

As for our family, the young ones want to see “Mary Poppins.” We’re also planning, however, to attend a special live production of–what else–Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol.

Merry Christmas!

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