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PBS “Snow Bears” Complements “Coca-Cola Polar Bears”‘ 25th Anniversary

Date: 02 December 2018
Category: Entertainment, Nature

In what could almost pass as an hour-long tribute or infomercial for the Coca-Cola Polar Bears’ 25th Anniversary, an Atlanta PBS television station recently broadcast the Nature series real-life, wildlife documentary, “Snow Bears.” The program features the adventures of a mother polar bear and her two offspring trying to survive the physical elements and the dangers of their arctic world. Describing this dramatized story in terms of vintage Coke themes, “It’s the real thing,” so to speak.

Nature’s weekly documentaries about various animals and ecosystems began in 1982. They’ve received 22 Emmy Award nominations, and have won eight of them.

As the snow bear family leaves the safety of their den for the first time, the mother bravely leads the cubs on a perilous 400-mile trek to the sea to find food. The flow of the story traces encounters with marauding male bears, extreme climactic conditions, foxes, walruses, narwhals, and the calving of an iceberg. Miraculously, as the nearby berg breaks, they scramble to safety from time to time on one passing ice floe to another, each one then becoming a haven, or a kind of local burg where they temporarily reside.

In case you missed it, the program will be streamed Thursday, December 6th at

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