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As the (eSports) World Turns

Date: 03 November 2018
Category: Grammar, Sports

Everyone knows the world turns on its own axis.

Historically speaking, most readers are familiar with the following two axes (plural of axis): the Axis powers  known as the Rome–Berlin–Tokyo Axis (nations that opposed the Allies in World War II); and President George W. Bush’s term in 2002 to describe North Korea, Iran, and Iraq as “an axis of evil.” In each case, you might say even say there was likely a political axe to grind.

Have you ever heard, however, of Axis Replay, a unique, 12,000 square foot entertainment and event facility designed for video games and “eSports” opening this fall across from the Krog Street Market in Atlanta? You know, “eSports.,” a form of organized, multi-player video game competition played by professional gamers that has a global audience of 380 million people. It’s all happening right here in Atlanta, one of the nation’s top three best cities for gamers, and home to one of only two U.S. stops for the global, digital gaming lifestyle festival called DreamHack.

The “eSports” industry is growing rapidly locally and worldwide and is expected to top $1 billion globally by 2020. Brands are realizing the opportunity to be a part of the “eSports” wave and their contribution to the global esports economy has increased 48 percent since 2017. Axis Replay will host the kickoff of the Atlanta’s first-ever Esports Week Atlanta (EWA) on November 14th during which companies will be able to learn about the emerging “eSports” industry.

It may prove interesting to see if any company axes other media spending in order to sponsor “eSports” events.

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