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When the Moon Hits Your Eye Like a Big Pizza Pie Bill

Date: 26 August 2018
Category: Current Events, Spelling, Sports

Younger baseball fans may not realize that on Dec. 1, 1964, the Houston Colt .45s baseball franchise officially changed the name of their team to the current nickname, the Houston Astros. The ownership theorized that the new name was sleek and futuristic because the NASA Johnson Space Center, south of Houston, was a hub of astronautical engineering that back then was working on putting a man on the moon.

Recently, Justin Verlander, ace pitcher for the defending World Champion ‘Stros. revealed that he was “slightly” overcharged for lunch during a visit to California at The Beverly Hills Hotel.

His bill indicated a “miscellaneous” charge for his role in stifling the Los Angeles Dodgers during the last year’s championship: a line item that hit him right between the eyes and amounted to an astronomical $1,000,000! Verlander kept his good sense of humor, and, of course, his money.




On a somewhat smaller scale, his restaurant overcharge reminds me of my 6,621.60 Euro pizza bill that I got a couple of years ago when traveling in Italy and, unlike Verlander, I had no idea what I did wrong or might have spoken incorrectly in Italian. Turned out to be a simple typographical error, thank goodness, and, oh, the pizza pie was delizioso!



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