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Monumental Caper Keeps Viewers in Suspended State of Disbelief

Date: 15 July 2018
Category: Grammar, Homophones, Spelling

Watched the thriller, “North by Northwest” the other day. On one hand, “they don’t make movies like that any more,” and, on the other, the same holds true: that is, how and where do you find a match for Cary Grant; a director like Alfred Hitchcock; and, a spine tingler final scene of a protagonist hanging by his fingernails on the edge of Mount Rushmore?

Yet, though this movie is called one of the Top 50 Movies of all time, it seems to lack the finesse and polish of pictures I’ve seen using the cinematography of a James Bond film, for example.

Incidentally, that scenic ending on Mt. Rushmore, actually ended in MGM’s studios, since The U.S. Department of the Interior was (and is) very careful about preserving the sanctity of the South Dakota presidential monument. They gave Hitchcock permission to film on site, but he was not to depict any acts of violence taking place disrespectfully on the heads. Therefore, the climactic scene was actually shot on a very realistic mock-up of Mount Rushmore in a studio in Los Angeles. Who knew…?

Here’s an instance when “seein‘ is believin'” doesn’t necessarily hold true.

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