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The Honeymoon’s Over

Date: 12 June 2018
Category: Current Events, Homophones, Spelling

Sadly, a couple from Poland on an intended, unique “year-long honeymoon,” climbing 17,000-foot peaks of the West Buttress route of Denali in Alaska, ended all too soon after just 10 days: the bride and the groom’s cousin precipitously fell 1,000 feet before landing in a crevasse on the glacier. Park experts say the two are lucky to be alive.

The woman subsequently underwent four hours of surgery to fuse bones in her neck, and to install rods and a plate in her scull* (sic) for stabilization.

Fortunately, no skullduggery was involved in the incident, and the bride claims that the nearly catastrophic fall has actually strengthened the couple’s relationship.

Perhaps, they should get it into their skulls to take less risk on their next getaway and try their hands at rowing a few sculls along a scenic river somewhere.

*As spelled incorrectly on source website.

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