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“And…They’re Off…!” (but not quite just yet)

Date: 27 April 2018
Category: Current Events, Entertainment, Homophones, Spelling

A food columnist in the local newspaper, anxious to prepare some delicious hors d’oeuvres, sandwiches, mint juleps and other goodies for a Kentucky Derby party happened to be a little off reading his calendar. In the April 26th print edition, he was encouraging readers to be prepared for “this Saturday’s race.”

Oops: the horses will be in the gate for the 144th running at Churchill Downs in Lexington on Saturday, May 5th–not this weekend.

Known as “The Run for the Roses,” this exciting event will feature 20 three-year old thoroughbred horses that will navi-gate a distance of one and one-quarter miles,

To put that into perspective, the pattern of movement an animal produces with its legs is known as its gait. A thoroughbred’s gait during a full gallop will produce an average stride length of 20 feet or more. These horses are able to take 150 strides a minute which calculates to speeds upwards of 35-40 miles per hour.

And now you know why the Kentucky Derby is also called: “the most exciting two minutes in sports.”

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