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“Eight is Enough?” Michigan Family Basks in Arrival of Newborn Male #14

Date: 22 April 2018
Category: Current Events, Homophones

As the father of two boys, I tried to relate to the following story, but was somewhat taken aback by the news of a Michigan Family–the Schwandts–who just welcomed their 14th son into their tight-knit family!

The mother (Kateri) herself is one of 14 children, but her parents did not have sons exclusively.

Her family now not only has enough players to start a baseball team; if they were to move to Arizona, their basketball quintet could become the new Phoenix “Sons.”

With two parents and 13 siblings, 3-day old Finley Sheboygan Schwandt is assured that the sun rises and sets on him: the newborn son.

Lastly, it may prove interesting someday, if, and when, the oldest male, who is in his 20’s, has any offspring. He would then have his own day in the sun: father of first grand-son on the family tree.

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