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A Unique Sister Act: No One Saw This Coming…Not a One

Date: 21 February 2018
Category: Grammar

Loyola University of Chicago’s men’s basketball team has what used to be a well-kept secret weapon that their competitors lacked and never saw coming. It wasn’t a coach, or a scout, or a player, or a pray-er. It was none (Merriam Dictionary: “not one”) of the above. Rather–she–is all four wrapped into one: Sister Jean Dolores Schmidt.

This diminutive, 98-year old former women’s basketball player back in high school, is wheelchair-bound. Nonetheless, that doesn’t deter this nun from attending her team’s home games as team chaplain since 1994. She offers a pre-game blessing for the players’ safety and for their ability to play to their potential. Sister Jean not only provides the Loyola Ramblers with prayer and comfort — believe it or not — she also offers scouting reports on the opposition, as well, from prior game observations.

While this nun, a member of the Sisters of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, may not be totally responsible for putting points up on the scoreboard, just for the record, this year the Ramblers (22-5, 12-3) are in first place in the Missouri Valley Conference.

You might say, none of the other teams has a prayer of a chance against them.

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