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You Know What Happens When You Assume…

Date: 04 May 2017
Category: Homophones, Nature

Apparently, final exam time is so stressful at Montana State College, the students have taken to petting a donkey for therapy. They probably assume that some good fortune will result, at least the ones who major in animal husbandry.

FYI, “Burro” is the Spanish word for donkey, borrowed and used in English to differentiate between domesticated and wild donkeys. A mule, on the other hand, is the offspring of a horse and a donkey

Donkeys, when bored or just because they are donkeys, can burrow, or dig, big holes looking for roots and creating a nice soft dirt place to lay and roll.

Meanwhile, back in Bozeman, no news yet as to how the students who petted the animal fared in their exams. They most likely are intelligent students, certainly not jackasses.

Somehow, though, I can’t imagine this asinine trick of dragging a stubborn animal playing very well in any college library in a New York City borough, such as NYU, Columbia, City University of New York, or Fordham.

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