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Date: 14 March 2017
Category: Homophones

Frequent visitors to this blog may be wondering where I’ve been, figuratively and literally, since it’s been over two weeks since my previous post.

We decided to visit some friends in the metropolitan Naples area–the one in Florida–along the Gulf of Mexico. It was a 10-hour plus drive from Atlanta and down along the length of the 450-mile Sunshine State,  similar to another famous, somewhat longer, peninsula: Italy.

Having driven in the other metro Naples along the Amalfi Coast and Pompeii, as recorded in my book, Pit Stops, Pit Falls and Olive Pits, begs the question: is there a new paperback or ebook in the making?

Well, we certainly had enough stops, visits and activities along the way to compose one:

  • A few days with our Italy travel companions, vet doc, Joe, and wife, Jean, who have a boat dock at their new condo on nearby Marco Island.
  • A visit to the Naples beach pier and a city tour with our friends, Cary and Rosemary, who later hosted a cocktail party and dinner for us.
  • A stop to stick our toes in the water at Siesta Key, a beach whose sand is without peer.
  • A family reunion and dinner with a dear cousin, Carolyn, and husband, Rocky at the marina in Sarasota.
  • A Stanley Tools reunion with a couple of dozen former sales associates: plyers of pliers from 30 years ago.

Truth be told, I’m actually considering a different breadth of topic as a possible book, but don’t hold your breath: this could take a while.




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