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Beer Merger Coming to a Head

Date: 13 October 2015
Category: Current Events, Homophones

The on-again, off-again proposed buyout of SABMiller (aka Miller Brewing Company) by rival Anheuser-Busch InBev (aka Budweiser) looks like it’s on tap again after four previous refusals to the courtship by SAB Miller. Today’s agreement draft calls for Bud to offer a heady price tag of $104 billion, which would become the biggest beer deal ever, and among the top five M&A’s of all time. The case, of course, is still subject to anti-trust review.

It’s hard to imagine these two fierce rivals, who have for years been at loggerheads with each other, joining forces to become “lager-heads,” so to speak.

However, the meteoric rise in popularity of craft breweries nationwide among younger imbibers has forced the major players in the market to belly-up to the bar and consolidate in order to defend their market share. The alternative for some brewers: possibly face what could be “last call.”

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