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How a propos…

Date: 20 February 2014
Category: Current Events, Homophones

“Whassup?” as a pop cultural catchphrase has given way to the technology buzzword of WhatsApp, a messaging service recently acquired by Facebook for $19 billion. That’s a billion, with a “b.” To put that into perspective, that makes the  WhatsApp app’s value bigger than almost half the companies in the S&P 500 and just about half the world’s nations by GDP. According to the article, however, the acquisition ‘compliments’ (sic) Facebook’s strategic transition toward mobile. When will reporters ever learn the proper spelling of complement?

Speaking of apps, here is a must-have list of 14 key apps for any entrepreneurs wishing and praying to become the next billionaires like Jan Koum and Brian Acton. Not by apps alone will they become the next WhatsApp. They’ll need, among other things, a unique selling proposition, investment capital and perhaps some time on their knees in the apse of a church. (the projecting part that is usually semicircular in plan and vaulted). Amen to that.

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