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Not Bored by NCAA Backboard Shot at the Buzzer

Date: 06 April 2010
Category: Homophones, Sports

Millions of pairs of bleary eyes belonging to college basketball fans just about popped wide-open when Butler University’s Gordon Hayward heaved a half-court desperation shot at the final buzzer that bounced off the board, then hit the rim, before falling lifelessly to the court.

Anyone who says that they were bored by the championship efforts of both Butler and Duke must have been conked on the head with a 2″x4″ board and been unconscious at the time.

Incidentally, the College Board scores of most of the players on the court last night must have been pretty high to get accepted to these two outstanding universities. In fact, Butler’s team had two (Hayward and Matt Howard) of the country’s 15 All-American Academic players, out of estimated four thousand NCAA basketball players. Now that’s smart basketball – truly student-athletes.

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